Economic Circumstances and Health Care, law homework help

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Please respond (150 words) to this 2 posts,own thoughts !


Economic Circumstances and Health Care

I think anyone was better off in the early 90’s than today. The reasoning behind is because I feel like there was more control back in the 90’s than there is today.

As far as Health Care compared to the 90’s was more affordable than it is today. Was that the reason President Obama placed the health care into act while in office was so that the less fortunate can afford it. Health Care is to expensive for a minor to afford on their own and major corporations are changing ways to find a cheaper plan for families.

Also, for the Economic Circumstances I think that it was easier in the 90’s to raise a family than it is now. Things were more affordable than they are today. I feel that is why juvenile crime is so high now because they want things but some can not afford so they find a way to get what they want if that is to rob and steal.

2)Nemesis Rosales

In the reading for Behavior, you will find that it has five sections, and in each section it will summarize as well as present data. For example: Cigarette smoking, alcohol use, illicit drug use, sexual activity and perpetration of serious violent crimes.

In Cigarette smoking, nearly 90 percent of smokers start smoking by age 18. Alcohol use is the most common psychoactive substance used during adolescence as stated in the website. For illicit drug use, any usage during the adolescence age is at a risk taking behavior that has negative consequences, for example: long term health and social consequences. For sexual activity, if it is engaged at an early age, it will cause emotional and physical health risks. Lastly, “youth who commit violent crimes tend to exhibit multiple problematic behaviors that affect their well being”. In each data shown, you will notice that the rate/percentage will drop over the years. so in my opinion I believe America’s children are better off today then they were in the 90’s. With every youth program we have now, and advertisement whether it is on tv or outside in public, it is making a big difference on the children.

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