summerize a peer reviewed research study on how biology impacts psychology

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The discussion boards are not busy work, but

are designed for you to critically eval

uate and

apply course content. It is a place for you to expan

d on what you have learned from reading

the text, to applying the content, finding examples, expanding on the content, and much more.

You are expected to use critical thinking skills


It is critical to note that you may not just copy

blocks of informati

on from a website, even if you do cite it. One of the purposes of the

discussion board is to work on your writing skills. It is important that you paraphrase what

you have read.


will be required to

engage in

a discussion

thread each week

. You cannot

enter the

discussion after the time period has ended and get points. Essentially you would be entering an

empty classroom because all your classmates have moved onto the next week.

Initial Post:

You are required to have one posting where you address the

question or ques



osed by

the instructor.

A good response would include a well thought response

, that directly answers


the questions posed. You are expected to

pull in other sources, which


include the

textbook. Be sure to cite your sources

in APA format.

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