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Assignment: Midterm Paper

Length Requirement: 7-8 pages, not counting title/cover or References pages

Minimum Required Number of Supporting Sources: 5

Formatting Requirements: APA formatting of paper body source credits and References list; double-spaced title, paper body and References pages; Times New Roman or Arial, Size 12 font; one inch side and top/bottom page margins; running heads NOT required.

Required Paper Focus: A comparison of the sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania disaster to a student’s choice modern day disaster with primary emphasis on applicable psychology of disaster concepts relevant to each disaster. Resource documents on the Lusitania disaster are located in the Resources folder on the classroom navigation screen.

enlightenedThe goal for this paper is the application of course knowledge to real world disaster events, rather than writing a history report. Descriptions of the two events being compared should be covered briefly and succinctly.

In this paper, compare the public’s reaction to a modern day (mid-20th century through 21st century current year) disaster of your choice (9/11, Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy, the Pakistan/India earthquakes, the London Subway/Bus or Mumbai bombings, the Paris terrorist attacks, the Pakistan/India earthquakes) to public reaction to the Lusitania disaster; briefly describe your chosen disaster and the public’s reaction and then compare it to the public’s reaction to the Lusitania disaster; then identify three major psychology of disaster concepts and apply them to the public’s reactions to the two disasters.

A minimum of 5 sources are required, with at least 3 being scholarly publications such as journal articles or academic texts.

No more than one direct quote, not to exceed 2 sentences in length, may be used per paper page.

An abstract is NOT required for this paper.

ANY copying found in a submitted paper will result in an automatic score of zero without option for revision.

Organize the paper contents using the following bold font section headings:

Title Page
(This should be a separate page)

R.M.S. Lusitania Disaster
enlightenedJust a succinct summary here (Be careful not to get too bogged down in historical event details here).

Modern Day Disaster
enlightened Just a succinct summary here (Again, don’t get too bogged down in event details).

Disaster Similarities and Dissimilarities
Two or three is plenty for each disaster.

Application of Major Psychology of Disaster Concepts
enlightenedThis is the meat of the paper; it should take up at least a third of it, and must cover three distinct concepts and be more than just definitions; include concrete examples of how one can apply the concepts to the disasters.

Lessons Learned
Summarize what was, or should have been, learned from the two disasters that may be applied in future disaster situations in support the immediate and long-term mental health recovery of survivors.

(This should be a separate page)

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