Complete DQ’s Below

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Complete each question between 100-105 words add references if used.

1.Explain how a specific shot or series of shots affects your understanding and interpretation of a film.

2.How do elements of cinematography such as color and lighting establish mood in a film of your choice?

3.How does a film’s editing contribute to its success or failure?

4.What is the temporal organization of a film you’ve recently viewed? How does the editing affect time?

5.Look up and explain the “Kuleshov Effect.” What is it? How does it influence meaning? When might it be used?

6. How does the soundtrack of a film you’ve recently viewed affect your experience? In other words, how does music function in relation to the story? Be specific in your discussion.

7.List the various types of sounds you hear during a movie. What purpose does each serve? Provide examples of effective uses from films you remember. From these, discuss how sound manipulates audience reaction.

8. Objects, people, and ambient sounds can make up a film’s sound effects. How do these contribute to the film? Identify a film in which objects, people, and ambient sounds were convincing.

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