Patty Hearst Trial (1976)

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View the following website and find the Patty Hearst Trial (1976)

Write a 4 to 6 page paper outlining the case (Title page or reference page does not count)

  • Double spaces
  • 1″ margins
  • Only reference needed is the links to the case you choose or if you choose ti use other references but it is not necessary
  • feel free to use the other resources given on the webpage as well
  • No in text citation necessary for this

Have fun with this and connect with it. This website is fascinating if you take some time to look around. I am looking for a summary of the case at a minimum. If the case lends itself, tell me about the impact it has in today’s justice system/society. Tell me why you connected with it. There is plenty of material within each case to write about. You can also include timelines, etc. if the case lends itself to such an addition.

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