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Help responding to the following post. Use APA format 200 to 250 words with in text citations

The most important data to gather and use in planning a change initiative is the data that will develop and sustain a competitive edge, provide value to customers and stakeholders, and provide goods and services to earn a profit (Kim, Trimi, & Chung, 2014). In a competitive economy whether it is local, national, or global, businesses need to make decisions that incorporate change to satisfy customers and stakeholders, and produce products that are relevant to maintain a competitive edge. Once the data is analyzed, businesses can identify any missing components or areas of improvement to improve upon customer satisfaction or profit margin.

The most effective way to collect data to support the timing of change initiatives is to use interviews or surveys. According to Grand Canyon University (2012), the analyzation of data from interviews or surveys can identify areas of the business that need improvement. Appropriate interventions, constructing a strategic plan, improving process, or restructuring the organization to improve or realign the organizations components can come from the analyzing of data (Grand Canyon University, 2014).

The model of change and intervention that is the most effective at balancing interests, ideas, and other relevant data when implementing change is the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard is a model used for aligning an organization around a strategy, and assessing their performance as well (Grand Canyon University, 2012). Evaluating the organizations financial, customer, business process, and learning and growth allows for the collection of organizational data and identifying measures of success (Grand Canyon University, 2012). John


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Kim, G. H., Trimi, S., & Chung, J. H. (2014). Big-data applications in the government sector. Communications of the ACM, 57(3), 78-85.”

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