Research Reflection

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For this course, you have presented one final academic research paper to highlight the wealth of information you learned. You researched, analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated information from both primary and secondary sources to develop a research project that examined a question, problem, or phenomenon across two or more disciplines.

For this week, you will prepare your research reflection. Write 3 page reflection to answer the following prompts:

Please describe your study and why it was important to you; why did you decide to investigate this question(s)? What recommendations do you have for practitioners in these disciplines?

What lessons did you learn during this research experience?

What were your personal strengths in the research process; how did you leverage these strengths in the research process? Be specific. Give examples.

What were your opportunities for growth in the research process; what strategies did you use to overcome the challenges? Be specific. Give examples.

How will this research experience help with your career choice or future school? Be specific. Give examples.

How has this work been transformative for you personally and professionally?

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