robert frost poem fire and ice explication

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Complete an explication demonstrating for your reader the ways the poem fulfills/satisfies Frost’s observation. In other words, use Frost’s assertion as a springboard into your discussion.

Please do not read or introduce any secondary sources into your paper or do any research online. I want this to be YOUR original reaction and analysis of the poem.


Essay must:

Be between 2-3 pages (this means at least two full pages of text)

Be typed, double spaced and formatted using MLA

Be written in the third person point of view (no I, you, your)

Use the primary test to support your discussion. This means you must quote relevant passages from the poem that support the points you are making. Make certain you integrate these passages smoothly into your own prose and document them using MLA format.

Include a works cited page

Attached is the poem, and examples example’s

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