Topic 2 DQ 1

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following post, add citations and references:

Today’s workforce is young, well educated, and well connected. Social media is an important part of all communications with this generation. Grounded theory for example may be enough to engage them. As leaders we must think outside the box and progress with the diversity of our workforce. There are several elements that must be addressed.

  1. State your vision for the plan. In this case how would an outreach program benefit the less fortunate? Educate yourself on the proposed process and actually believe in it.
  2. Communicate your vision to the target population who will best help you achieve the desired goal. Have strong values and mission statement or the “why” to your story.
  3. Include a collaborative process with your team once assembled. Include a set of core values that are common and everyone can understand (Harris 2019).
  4. Provide example of the “how” to your team to ignite involvement.

Multiple modes of communication must be used: print, radio, TV, and social media. We must keep members of our team engaged and give them a meaningful goal or risk losing them to “Just another project that administration wants me to do”. I would encourage members of the group to seek leadership roles within the project and promote those to lead a collaborative within the group thus hoping to encourage them to move the project forward. I would challenge the group to be inventive with new ways to succeed.


Fundamentals of Leadership: Communicating a Vision. Harris, 2019. Retrieved from:…

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