Employment and background checks

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Read what is below, choose a topic, write about it in no more than 500 words, one-page, single space please. I will give you two responses of classmates to give me no more than 2000 words in each response. It is just a discussion, but I need the best with the citations if you pick anything from anywhere and that will give the discussion more power to be great! Give me the work first to give you the two responses of the classmates please.

Course Textbook

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Seventh Edition, by Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, and Wright.ISBN 978-1259686702.

*Similar to our first discussion board, let’s have a somewhat open approach to contributing on this session’s topic: Employment and background checks. Please spend some time researching and reading about various aspects. Afterward, please provide original initial posts and meaningful replies to others.

Possible Topics Include (But Not Limited To):

  • Are background checks good predictors?
  • Common violations to FCRA.
  • Why the DOL views them as having disparate impact.
  • Checking applicants’ social media presence.
  • Accidental discoveries (divorce records, arrest records, EEO data)
  • Responding to and declining applicants with questionable backgrounds.
  • How far back in time should employers look?
  • Employers and liability for background checks done / not-done.

You are welcome to mention news articles, court trials, news pieces, or otherwise provided they have reasonable quality and reputation. Remember, it always pleases your professors to see citations.

Consider adding additional content/detail in your posts. You could include personal/professional experience with the topic or cite examples from the text. When you respond to your peers, respond as if you’re speaking directly to them.

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