How Do these two novels share the same theme of opression in women

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This is A themed essay where i need to talk about the theme of oppression in Women in two reading

1.The house on mango street

2.Cinderella story

(the opression of women in fairtytales like cinderella the (france version) and in the novel the house on mango street how do these two readings share the same theme explain

this is not a compare and contrast essay i just simply have to state why the two share the theme of oppressed women and give quotes and examples as to why they share the theme of oprressed women ,how does the role of men effect the women in these stories

I prefer that you use no outside sources,

Please if you refer to Sparknotes, Shmoop, Enotes, etc.please do not plagarise .Questions? Contact me.

1500-2000 words, MS word document, Times New Roman font, 12 pt double spaced

MLA formatting including parenthetical in-text citations and a works cited list. For MLA guidance, consult Purdue OWL.

Give the paper a heading and a title. Example:

Sam Student

English 3189, final paper


“Princesses, Dragons and Fathers: Fairy Tales in The House on Mango Street

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