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I feel that I have a positive and outgoing personality. I’m definitely a step up and lead kind of guy and I’m highly motivated. This comes from my years of service in the fire department.I feel that my personality fits well with others and I don’t find it hard to work with people. If I had issues with a co-worker or our personalities did not match up I would simply keep it business professional. If I had to work with this person everyday then I would discuss with them my concerns or issues. It really depends on if it’s just their personality or are they abrasive and vulgar. If it’s abrasive and vulgar I would address it in a passive way. Also, I’m definitely not the type to get rolled over. I feel like lots of people just take it and roll on nowadays. I’m all about respecting people and their opinions or views but that only goes so far. Sometimes you have stand for whats right or even stand up for those that are to scared or can’t stand up for themselves.

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