Sociology Course Paper

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Use outine below to write a 6 page sociological analysis of the film A Time To Kill”. Please note the use of Bonilla-Silva’s 4 frames of colorblind in the outline. This should NOT be a review or summary of the movie but rather a sociological analysis. The paper should consist of the Critical Thinking Elements which is: Purpose, Question at Issue, Assumptions, Implications and Consequences, Information, Concepts, Conclusions and Interpretations.

1. Introduction

a. A Time to Kill is a film that involves a case of racism where a ten-year-old African American girl was raped by two white men Pete Willard and Billy Ray Cobb.

b. Therefore, minimization of racism is one of Bonilla-Silva’s 4 frames of colorblind to be applied and to people of modern society for the call to eliminate racism.

2. First paragraph

a. Abstract liberation and the minimization of racism

i. This was seen when a white girl ran out shouting that “He’s not guilty!”

ii. In Mississippi there happens to be abducted a ten-year-old African American after being raped and beaten by white supremacists, Pete Willard and Billy Ray Cobb. They dumped her nearby river after failing an attempt of hanging her; however, she survived, but the duo was arrested.

3. Second paragraph

a. Naturalization and cultural racism

i. The rape, as well as subsequent retribution killing, brought about the attention of national media. The district attorney then decided to seek the penalty of death but was denied by and presiding Judge.

ii. Brisance seeks assistance from the defense team; Ellen Roark, law student and longtime activist and former mentor Lucien Witbank’s.

iii. When Brisance decline to rear down, Cobb abducts and then assaults Roark. The Klan raises their assaults, which was not limited to burning the house of Brisance.

4. Third paragraph

a. Here white culture deems colorblindness through authentic witness on trial.

b. On the trial day, Klan rallies to counter-protesters comprising of area’s multiracial and black residents plus some whites that support Carl Lee. The demonstration erupted into unrest that resulting in dozens of death and injuries and Stump Sisson.

c. The Klan as well started targeting Brisance, by assaulting his elderly escritoire with her husband, burning and irritating on his turf and intimidating his spouse as well as a daughter.

5. Conclusion

a. In conclusion, however, in the closing arguments, a severely shaken Brisance narrates to the jury to put up the shutters of their eyes and then pay attention to his story. His description was slow and painful details where rape of a ten-year-old girl, recalling rape of Tonya.

b. He then demanded the jury, in his last comment, “now envisage she is white.” Immediately, after consideration, a black child went out of the courthouse and then screams, “He’s not guilty!” Jubilation followed among supporters outside.

c. Brisance brought his wife plus daughter to a family cookout at the house of Carl Lee to celebrate his free will.


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