Socrates – Encyclopedia channel

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Choose Option 1 or 2. (You do not have to answer all of these questions) Make sure your answer includes a mastery of the material and your own individual ideas about the subject.

After viewing the video on Socrates, comment on an aspect of what was presented. What was interesting to you? Can you find some aspect of Socrates’ life and teaching that has not yet been discussed in the discussions yet? Is there a quote from Socrates (written by Plato, of course) that you can add as an enrichment to our class? What is relevant for us today? (If you have trouble with the link, google “videos on Socrates and go to the one on the Encyclopedia Channel.)


After reading about the life, trial, and death of Socrates, what do you think about Socrates’ address to the Athenians at his trial, when he said, “The unexamined life is not worth living?” Be sure to have your first paragraph contain factual information about Socrates’ philosophy. In your second paragraph clarify how this statement relates to examples in your own life and/or the life of others human beings in society.

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