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Directions for the online in class activity.

I have selected the following coordinators below from the entire class. Each one of these coordinators will collect the questions for chapters 6-14 in Give Me Liberty! And class lecture notes to email to Dr. Thomas and myself.

Each of you scholars will put together five – ten questions. Send them to one of the coordinators on Black Board via a thread provided. I have set up the coordinators’ threads on the Black Board. You will use a reply to do this. If there are four replies already, you need to find a different coordinator who has less replies – if you do not, you will receive a zero for the in class assignment. (you must reply to the threads – not use a word document attachment).

The coordinators will review the questions. If there are duplicates, or if there needs to be a question added, please do that to help all students. From my observation this semester, the coordinators are students who participated throughout the semester and shown scholarship in history class. Therefore, as team leaders, I assume you have already devised a number of questions that you can cross reference to make sure you have a good list for study.

The questions are due by 4:00 pm on Tuesday. Coordinators ,I believe you will be able to complete the review of questions, and cut and paste to myself and Dr. Thomas by midnight Wednesday.

And as always, if you have any questions email me.

Ms Gray

Taylor Mance

Isaac Edmundson

Marquise O’Neall

Juane Robinson

Liang Yang

Darnell White

Tobi Ogunlade (Oluwatobi)

Chante Knight

Rahmani Holt

Chyna Miller

Ridwan Shuaib

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