Final Exam – Response to 3 Environmental and Safety questions/senarios

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Directions:This is an “Open book” examination. You may use any and all sources in developing your responses EXCEPT WORKING WITH OTHER STUDENTS IN THIS CLASS. Please read each question carefully and THINK about your answer before responding. Thank you and good luck!

Question 1:Congratulations! You have just been selected to provide a one (1) hour presentation on the “Fundamentals of Environmental Law” at a national safety conference. Please OUTLINE and FULLY EXPLAIN your presentation. (Please – No Power Points).

Question 2:Your company was recently inspected by federal OSHA and a citation was issued identifying five proposed violations and a proposed monetary penalty of $400K. Your boss asks you to prepare a briefing for your management team identifying the process through which to appeal the citation. Please OUTLINE and FULLY EXPLAIN the appeals process established under the OSH Act.

Question 3: During your weekly inspection, you identify pesticides in your maintenance area, a pipe leading to an old underground storage tank, possible hazardous waste stored in 55 gallon drums outside of the operations and diesel leaking from your above ground storage tank. Please IDENTIFY the applicable law AND FULLY EXPLAIN what you would do for each of the identified situations.

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