Please write essay in APA 6th edition format. Thanks.

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Combating Domestic Terrorism: Stretching the Ethical Boundaries

Prior to 9/11/2001, the practice of assassination without trial was understood by broad consensus of American officials and citizens to be unacceptable, tantamount to murder, and contrary to the ethics associated with the American way of life. By the end of 2010, presidential administrations of both of the main political parties deemed this practice to be ethical and acceptable under certain circumstances when combating the possibility of domestic terrorism.

Although criminal justice professionals will never face the legal option to execute a terrorism suspect who has not been arrested, tried, and convicted, many practices heretofore considered outside the realm of legality and ethicality have come to be practiced by law enforcement in the fight against terrorism.

Analyze issues surrounding the ethical acceptability of such practices. What are the arguments for and against extending the boundaries of law and ethics to deal with the threat of domestic terrorism?

Based on required readings and at least one outside source (not one of your readings), provide your analysis of this question in an essay that is 2-3 pages in length, well written, and formatted in APA 6th edition format.

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