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Quote from the article that is attached to support this question, “Does Being Ethical Result in Better Performance?” On page 18 of the text Business ethics: Ethical decision making and cases includes an insert titled Debate Issue Take a Stand. Prepare a whether statement from 1. or 2. and support- Here’s an example to get you started. Whether Ethical businesses are the most profitable. Please note the whether statement is not a question. To begin or respond click on the “Reply” button.

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Main Post: Always include the writing prompt. Writing prompt: Prepare a short introduction (as if you were going to write a paper). The title of the paper is “Comparisons of Systems Theory and Triple Bottom Line Theory”

Both theories are systematic in nature. A small change in one part of the relationship causes change in another part affecting the entire system. Friedman (1970) promotes profit within the “Rules of the Game.” Simple as this may sound various elements make up “Rules of the Game.” Laws, policy, ethics, and historic evolution are parts of, “Rules of the Game.” The rules of the game change. Des Jardin (2005) promotes the three pillars of economically, ecologically and ethically of social responsibility. One’s view point and industry underscores specific priorities and decision-making in relationship to running a business. Profit defined as one goal and supporting the environment a separate goal can be defined as being socially responsible. Attempting to define “Rules of the game” DesJardin (2005) substitutes the words social responsibility with the three pillars and the word sustainability. DesJardin’s (2005) three pillars of sustainability references that business must have all three to be sustaining. Reckless actions harm sustainability and profit making of business. The view that the pursuit of profit is wicked is misplaced, particularly when reviewing the lesson of the “The Parable of the Talents.” (Mathew 25:14-3-; Luke 9:12-28). The Triple Bottom Line Theory is also a System Theory. This short paper will continue to compare the two theories.


Newton, L.H., Englehardt, E.E., Pritchard, M. (2010). Taking sides: Clashing views in business ethics and society (12th Ed). New York, NY : The McGraw Hill Companies.

Hi, Always include the name of person you are addressing. What I do hope to do in this paper is to offer some broad categories for how we might conceptualize business and business ethics in a sustainable future. What would sustainable business, and sustainable business ethics, involve? I also want to suggest some directions, for both business practitioners and academics, in which future work in this area might proceed. But first, let me say a few things about the very notion of sustainability.

From Business & Professional Ethics Journal, Vol. 24, Nos. 1 & 2, 2005, pp. 35–59. Copyright © 2005 by Philosophy Documentation Center. Reprinted by permission.

Another thought, managers must choose between profit and social responsibility, between their financial duties to their business and their environmental or ethical duties. Cast in these terms, it becomes easy to dismiss both ethical and environmental responsibilities. Pursuing ethical and environmental goals beyond those required by law or minimal moral duties threatens profit, profit is necessary to remain in operation, therefore asking business to pursue environmental goals is unreasonably asking business to jeopardize its very existence.

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