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Herrick only – BU essay 

Please make sure you make it shorter as well…it’s only 250 words but I made this $150 so please work on the previous one I sent you (You said you would revise it but I never received an update version yet.



Topic:In no more than 250 words, please tell us why BU is a good fit for you and what specifically has led you to apply for admission.

Life is all about experiences. I am an energetic person and always want to seek for something refreshing and attractive. That’s the reason why I chose to leave my hometown and came to study in the U.S, venturing the unknown and broadening my horizon.

My current college is famous for its party culture and students here are able to have a colorful social life. At first, I enjoyed the peaceful life in the tranquil countryside and got along with new friends here as it’s the first time I resided myself in the countryside. However, as time goes by, there is not much diversity to seek for and I felt isolated. I did not get much access to outside world to learn new things and it turns out that I gradually lived a routine life. Thus, I am eager to find a place where I can learn more about U.S and have an access to more possibilities.

The schools I apply for are all located in the metropolitan area in the Northeast which perfectly mix the prolonged history of the U.S and energetic patterns of modern cities. There are diverse resources that I can gain from the cities. Those developed public facilities such as museums and concert halls scattered in the city could best rich the college life, and enable me to experience the culture vividly.

Besides the natural benefits of the cities, I also fancy the energetic ambience in the business schools in those universities that they all encourage the students to get in touch with the real working conditions by taking part in the internships and by starting their own business and realize their dreams with the help of the rich resources and strong connections of alumni of the schools. I always dream of starting my own business and having connections to a variety of people and merchants abroad. I used to help my mum to establish our own E-business service center in my home city, aiming to connect customers with private enterprises in the real world by an online platform. I faced the unknown of being a mediator to form the connections with diverse people who also dream of starting their own business. I learned to catch every chance to express myself and not to afraid of being rejected and concerned. I gained from both failures and successes through negotiations. I am eager to start a similar business or join activities to take challenge in a much bigger city. The metropolitans are filled with diverse business, which means I can have more chances and possibilities. I am able to meet more competitors and be matured in a more competitive environment, gaining precious experience in my college life. The business schools could provide me a stronger link to the real business world and guide me to realize my dream there.

I would like to go to those places of energy and diversity, which could provide me best opportunities to experience my life and outstanding platform to realize my dream. I am eager to be an active resource that reflect the energy of the schools and nourish the energetic place with my own value.

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