Deciding Factors, Search Discoveries ENG102 assignment help

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Unit Five Lecture (ENG102UnitFiveLecture.pdf Attached)

Unit Five:DQ#1 Deciding Factor (This will be the selected topic of the final paper Unit7)
How does it interest or intrigue you? What holes do you believe your contribution will fill?

Unit Five:DQ#2 Search Discoveries
Discuss a specific “ah ha” your preliminary search (as listed in your working bibliography) has revealed.  In other words, did you uncover something about your selected topic that may alter the way you initially viewed the subject?  Read, and then post responses.

Unit Five: Creating a Proposal and Working Bibliography for your research paper.  
Creating Proposal and Working Bibliography Reference  (ENG102UnitFiveReference.pdf Attached)
This two-part assignment represents the first formal components for your final research paper.
a. Write a Research Proposal.
b. Create a Working Bibliography

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