Putting it Together, Unit Six Discussion Questions and Paper help

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Unit Six:DQ#1 Putting it Together

ENG102Unit6Lecture.pdf (Attached)

How trimmed are your sources? Are they embedded in your research conversation?  Discuss specific elements of the research process that seem frustrating (or exciting) as you work through putting it all together.

Unit Six:DQ#2

ENG102Unit6SamplePaper (Attached)

Read the student sample paper, p. 634 and discuss its presentation:

Review the introduction—how effective is the story/scenario the writer uses?

Discuss the effect of anecdotes in arguments? Did you include any in your research? For what purpose?

Unit Six: Research Draft #1 with Works Cited

ENG102UnitSixReference.pdf (Attached)

You will create a research draft. The research draft format should contain structural essays and not scattered thoughts. The draft should contain the following:

• Explicit claim, clear purpose

• Proper citation—in-text and Works Cited

• Varied evidence with blended writing styles, revised writing

Review the Drafting Research Reference document attached prior to starting the assignment.

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