Unit Seven Discussion Questions and Paper

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Unit Seven: DQ#1 Your Last Argument

ENG102Unit7Lecture.pdf (Attached)

Now that you have gone through the trials of understanding the argument, reflect on the first one you discussed seven weeks ago.  What specifically would you do differently? Do you believe your argument can now be reasonable (acknowledging and incorporating views of the opposition with varied reliable evidence?)

Or, is your point right “just because?”

Unit Seven: DQ#2 Reflections

What do you now know about the argument and the role it plays in your college and chosen career? 

Share your confidence in selecting topics of interest and managing research papers for any course?

Unit Seven: Final Argumentative Research

ENG102UnitSevenResource.pdf (Attached)

You should update and revise your paper with suggestive corrections from unit six. Your final research submission should include a Cover Page and Works Cited. 

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