Effective counselor ideal skills – Why isn’t George fit for the job?

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Assignment 1: Effective Counselors

is a 28-year-old male, currently pursuing a degree in psychology. He wants to
be a counselor for people with adjustment difficulties. However, George’s
supervisors are suggesting he consider changing his career because he seems to
lack the particular skills he needs to be a competent and effective counselor.
His supervisors have identified the following tendencies in George:

  He has a tendency to be judgmental
and narrow-minded about people different from him.

  He is very guarded and defensive with
people and typically thinks that other people are trying to put him down.

  He often forces his opinions on

answer each of the following questions thoroughly in a paper that is a minimum
of 800 words in length.

1.How will George’s usual ways of
dealing with people affect his attempt to be an effective counselor? Analyze
each of the characteristics mentioned above (judgmental, narrow-minded,
guarded/defensive, and opinionated).

2.Identify and discuss at least five
of the most important skills that a counselor should have to be effective in
their field? Explain what each skill entails and why each skill is important to
the therapeutic process.

3.What ethical standards might George
be in danger of violating if he does not change his way of interacting with
clients? Be sure to include at least a couple of references to the ethical
codes in your response.

4.Suggest at least three practical
steps that George can take to develop the characteristics and skills he needs
to be an effective therapist?

Your paper should be at least 800 words in length, follow APA style
for attributing sources, and include a cover page and reference page.

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