two paragraphs to answer two ques relate to alfred adler’s theory

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Alfred Adler was one of the earliest and most influential dissenters from Freud’s inner circle. Unlike Freud, who emphasized universal conflicts that all people experience, Adler focused attention on the uniqueness of each person. Adler argued that people must be understood from a social perspective, not a biological one. He opposed Freud’s exclusive emphasis on sex as a source of energy, and he asserted that any approach that does not consider the individual’s goals is incomplete and cannot provide an effective therapy. His emphasis on growth and free will is an important counter-force to the deterministic attitude of Freud.

  • Is Adler’s concept that early memories are a central piece to creating personality still valid? Why or why not?
  • Do you have a first memory or an early memory that can be interpreted from the perspective of Adler’s theory?

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