Ethos Pathos Logos and Thesis for Rhetorical Analysis

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Paragraph 1–Open the essay with a “dramatic punch,” a hook into the subject.

Then identify author and article giving a brief summary of it. End this paragraph (or the second paragraph) with your thesis claim.(remember–this must be a comment about its rhetorical features, not a claim about whether you agree or disagree with the argument).
Paragraph 2–Provide relevant information about the author and the publication in which the article is published. Explain how some others view this subject by briefly searching online. (Cite any sources you use, but do not make this a big research project please.)
Paragraph 3–Explain the significance and currency of this topic (kairos). Find a statement from the article that suggests the author’s purpose.
Paragraph 4–Identify your first rhetorical point in the topic sentence making a claim about its effectiveness. Then support that point with evidence from the article.
Set up the next two paragraphs in this same way, identifying the rhetorical feature and make a clear point about how well the author uses the rhetorical appeal in your topic sentence. Then give evidence from the article to support your claim, weaving in key words and phrases as shown in the sample essay.
Conclusion–Do not write, “In conclusion.” If the author has overlooked something, explain briefly. Then, reinforce the main claim about the article, and allude briefly to your “dramatic punch” opening.

CITE the essay you analyzed and any other sources you used on a Works Cited page in MLA format.

Main Thesis:

VanDerWerff appeals to the authority as to why the show, Roseann, was canceled. He argues that the tweet that was sent out by the main character was reason enough to cancel but delves into the business side of things by attempting to use the ratings as a means to an end. This can also be construed as the Aristotle theory oflogos in order to convince those that are sure the show was canceled based on derogatory comments by suggesting there may have been an underlying reasons the show was cancelled by using data points of viewership to create a different outcome for the reader by calling on ones own reason.


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