Weekend Racist

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Remember is the same thing read the study case and answer the questions
based on the case study keeping in mind am a Social worker.

This discussion is based on Case Study Number 56. You should also use
the article or articles you located and your unit readings to support your
choices and position.

From the information provided in the case study, do you think that
Carl’s employment should be terminated? Explain the reasons for your answer.

Do you believe that what a public employee does during free time should
be of concern to the public agency employer? How does the type of position or the
status of the employee and the activity they are involved in influence your
thinking? For example, if Carl were a police officer, would you think
differently? Explain.

If you were Angie, how do you think you would handle this situation?

Use the journal articles you located using the Research Guide to
support your statements. Be sure you follow APA guidelines for citations and


Your post needs to:

·Be at least 250 words.

·Contain a minimum of one reference
or citation.

·Follow APA guidelines.

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