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Each of you is required to turn in an analysis (limited to 6 pages, double-spaced, typed; page limit will be strictly enforced) The report is due on the day the book is
discussed. You CAN use additional information
from the Big Pivot and also use the facts from the Drawdown book. Your
report should be organized into the following five clearly titled sections:

  • Identification of key Climate Change/Global Warming issues/problems
    being solved (give brief explanation as to why this is an important
    problem facing the world; develop a one sentence key problem definition
    and put it in bold font and italics)
  • Identify 3 Relevant solutions – what is the relevant theoretical
    model/concept here and why they are important (please note that this is a
    KEY section of the paper and I will look at this to see if you have a
    good understanding of the various theories and their application).
    Describe the solution briefly here and tell me why it is relevant to
    solving the key problem.
  • Assessment of alternatives examine them critically. If you think
    there are additional alternatives not mentioned in the case, describe
    and examine them, too e.g. from the Big Pivot. Remember, the
    alternatives have to address the key problem that you have identified
  • Suggested course of action: which alternatives would you recommend and why?
  • Key takeaways: what general strategy pointers can you take away from the case?

The analysis should indicate your knowledge of the case facts you
have learned to-date and your ability to apply solutions from the
lecture/text/readings concepts to the global warming.

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