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Please choose one of the following scenarios for your Mid Term essay which will focus on the topic of risk management. Upon choosing the scenario you would like to manage, please write a 3-5 page (double-spaced) reflection as to how you would specifically manage the problem at hand:

Scenario #1:
Assume you are managing an outdoor summer event and are meeting with your food concessionaire. What issues would you bring up in your discussion? What would be your greatest worry?

Scenario #2:
As the Event Risk Manager, you have just experience a rolling black out (loss of electricity) and believe that the local water may be affected. How would you handle the situation? What methods would you use to ensure that your attendees are safe?

As always, please use proper APA formatting and include approximately 2-3 outside references (your book may count as one reference, but you must also include 2-3 more!)

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