Art and Design: A Collection Presentation

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The Collection Project involves curating and creating your own collection based on a theme of your choice. Your collection
will highlight a new collection of artwork created by women artists. This will include six pieces of women art that you feel have a
particularly interesting synergy as a collection. This is a culmination assignment where you are expected to apply art
terminology, history, theory, and methodology to the design of your collection. This is your chance to demonstrate your
understanding of key concepts, styles, themes, artists, and techniques acquired throughout the course.
You will act as the curator of your own museum exhibit. For this project you will write a Curatorial Statement and develop
a Collection Presentation to display the artwork you have chosen. WOMEN ARTISTS ONLY. I REPEAT WOMEN ARTIST ONLY

Curatorial Statement :

The Curatorial statement is a brief introduction to your exhibition. A curator is the person who is in charge of a museum’s
exhibitions; from planning and selecting artwork, to researching and documenting information. This piece should be 3
paragraphs in length and approximately 250-300 words. In the first paragraph discuss the theme, methodology, and
overall message/point of view of your exhibition. In the second paragraph, discuss the types of works or media that
viewers will see. This may include artist’s statements, external “press” about the work, or excerpts from online articles
relevant to the work. Be sure to properly cite any external information that is paraphrased and/or quoted in the critical
discussion. In the third paragraph, discuss your process of discovering pieces for this collection/research, applying
methodology, and supporting the validity and relevance of the message to your viewers. Feel free to express personal

The Collection Presentation :

You will used the same topic and pieces that you picked in your Curatorial Statement. Both assignments are linked together. The analysis that you do for this assignment IS different than your Curatorial Statement, but the two may similar in content. WOMEN ARTIST ONLY

For the Collection Presentation, students are to create a PowerPoint presentation containing the following:
• At least 6 pieces of artwork (color images).
• Image labels for each piece of artwork.

Label should include:




Label should appear on the slide directly under the image (not in the notes section).
• Notes written under each slide:
Include a short analysis of work and justification for its inclusion. This can mirror the information included
in your Curatorial Statement. Treat the notes section as what you would “say” if you were giving a live
presentation. It is imperative that you use your own thoughts and language here.

Works Cited Slide

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