Project Manager

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  • Leading the implementation of small, medium and large complex projects requires the knowledge and expertise of a “champion” to guide the project through the various steps, stages, and process towards the successful implementation. In healthcare, Project Management (PM) extends itself with the integration of a health information system(s). Construct a Project Management Plan for the adoption of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Search online for a breakdown of the types of AI’s in order to choose an AI of your choice. Submit one (1) single Microsoft Word document
  • Develop a two (2) – three (3) page Project Scope Statement that includes:
    • Description of the project
    • Purpose of the project
    • Three (3) desired project objectives
    • Enterprise Architecture Model to breakdown (depicting functional and technical architecture)
    • Project assumptions
    • Project constraints
    • User Requirement Matrix (refer to the sample user requirement matrix below)
    • Project Deliverables
    • Project Milestones
  • Planning
    • Similar to a Team Charter; however with greater detail, construct a Project Management Plan that includes:
    • Project Description
    • Three (3) identified project outcomes
    • State the purpose of the project management plan
    • Devise a six (6) project deliverables timeline
  • Execution
    • Methods of Communication among all participating members
    • Frequency of scheduled meetings
    • List all participating team members and the assigned roles of each member
  • Project Monitoring and Control
    • Performance Reporting
    • Status updates
    • Progress reports
    • Project changes
  • Project Closure
    • Reflections
    • Lessons learned
    • De-allocate resources

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