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Begin your assignment by placing an MLA-style heading, including your name, date,
course number, etc., at the top left.
6. The entire document should be in MLA-style, including size 12 font, double spacing,
and standard style.
7. After the heading, begin with an MLA-style Works Cited citation for the first of your
articles (alphabetically by author of article), beginning with author’s last name, title
of article, etc. (Details can be found in Easy Writer and also online in various
locations, including Purdue OWL and Citation Machine.)
8. After the citation, begin your detailed summary of the article. each article 500 words would be
a good goal. After your summary, add a paragraph of analysis: is the article
understandable, helpful, does it deal with aspects of the story that are of interest to
your, does it add to your understanding of the author’s intent?
9. After this summary / analysis is complete, begin the next article with its MLA-style
citation, and continue.
10. All three articles should have this treatment—the finished product should be 3 to 5
pages in length.

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