Green Assignment for independent lodging operations, management homework help

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developments in independent lodging operations have included a move towards
resource use reduction or “Greening Up”. This includes reducing the use of water,
maximizing the efficiency of your electrical use, reduce heat/cooling cost and recycling
programs. Sourcing food and supplies locally further reduces the carbon
footprint of your operations, and makes good business sense.

Describe in
what could be done in a small lodging property to increase efficiency,
and reduce waste for the following categories. All your suggested improvements
should take customer satisfaction into account.

1.Identify ways to reduce the
gallons used per room night both systematically and through training guests and

2.What can be done to maximize
the efficient use of electricity without affecting the customer comfort?

  1. What might
    the marketing benefit for the operation be from greening your property up?
  2. There are
    many benefits to sourcing guest supplies locally, within 100 mile radius. In
    addition to the marketing value of using regional food it makes good sense
    to do business with your neighbors. Identify local purveyors/farms
    providing breakfast items applicable for your operation including pricing
    and delivery options, specific to your location.

Provide answers to each
item separately not to exceed four double spaced pages.Reference your work and the source of the
information you are quoting in your calculations. Your personal discussion of
the proposed savings is the purpose of the assignment. Please show your
calculations and how you arrived at the proposed savings.

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