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level like “”””””””” when I went
to the Deaf school and then I learnt what Deaf world was like, which fits my
life well. Today I’m still learning the deepest of Deaf culture. Being Deaf
can’t be the main barrier to lead to the failure of the big life dreams that I
have. My life has been affected in various ways because of my status but that
doesn’t make me fail in making my own decisions on my life. Learning about the
Deaf characters and culture has made me view my status in a positive manner
making me think on the privileges that the society has offered to me by giving
me a chance to utilize the important privileges delegated to me. Though the
society has offered several positive privileges to the Deaf, some of the people
focus much on empowering the underprivileged hence hindering the Deaf from
making special developments in their lives.When I was in a hearing school, I
often felt overwhelmed and wanted to avoid studying and never wanted to go to
college. My parents tried to convince me that school was extremely important,
but I did not listen to them. One day, I told my mother that I wanted to
receive a better education in a deaf school, and my mother did not want me to
go to a deaf school because she believed that I did not care about education
for my life. A few days later, I felt so disappointed that I was forced to
learn unwanted lessons. I decided to keep telling my mother my goal was to go
to a deaf school and my mother finally accepted it. I started to be joyful at
that news and readied for a better education. As a college student, I applied
for City college of San Francisco to learn more English and general studies and
then transferred to the University. I am majoring in communication and public
relations and minor in digital media. I personally love working with people, I
feel very happy seeing them satisfied with their present and looking forward to
their future, and I love learning different cultures, backgrounds, beliefs,
traditions, and many things that I have never learnt before, although what i
really would be glad to add to my personal experience is developing a new
project, to develop a new website to make the hearing and Deaf worlds one unit
so they will be able to communicate with each other to learn about their different
worlds.My major is Communication and my minors are Digital Media and Family
studies part of my passion is to do my research and analysis on negative things
and change them in a positive
way.””””””””” I went there for
class and felt “wow” about the building and respect different
religions. I love learning different things # 1 assignment Final Project –
Brainstorm & Design

1. In class, we learned how to use social media to advocate for social change. Provide a POOR example (social media posting) of advocating related to your major. Discuss why it is a bad example and what would you improve this example?

2. Convince us something to join you and advocate your cause for social change by creating a MEME or GIF.


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