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1. Evaluate how well democracy is working in America, particularly with respect to how closely the government’s policies correspond to the expressed wishes of its citizens.

2. Define opinion poll/sample survey. What makes a poll random?

3. What are some problems with polls and surveys? How can public opinion polls or surveys can be designed in order to avoid distorted or inaccurate results?

4. List and explain the four categories of American political ideology, particularly regarding the proper role of the government in the economy and social issues?

5. Identify the agents of political socialization and summarize how the process of political socialization influences the formation of public opinion.

. What characteristics (ethnicity, age, gender, etc.) make the most difference in one’s political ideology? In other words, how do opinions differ according to factors such as race, gender, age, and income and Why?

7. How do polls play a crucial role in democratic government? Should they play a role in governmental decision-making?

Chapter Ten: Participation, Voting, and Elections

  1. Explain why elections are essential to the democratic process.
  2. How are elections in the U.S. different from most other democracies? Give at least three ways.
  3. Evaluate why voter turnout as a percentage of eligible voters has declined at the same time that the base of suffrage has expanded, and consider why voter turnout is lower in the United States than in most European countries. Is low voter turnout a problem?
  4. Identify the types of people who are most likely to vote, as contrasted with those who do not vote, and explain how voters make decisions about how they vote.
  5. What changes could be made in the election system to create a more democratic process?
  6. Explain the set up and consequences of the Electoral College.

Questions need to be short and simple

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