Lesson planing and charts

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ASSIGNMENT A Use the “Class Profile” and grade level text you selected in Topic 1 to complete this assignment.

In 500-750 words, draft at least two learning activities to promote the practice of each of the effective reading comprehension strategies mentioned in the IES Practice Guide: Activating prior knowledge/predicting; questioning; visualizing; monitoring, clarifying and fix up; drawing inferences; and summarizing/retelling. Do not restate the examples provided by IES.

Select one of your activities and include a 250-500 word rationale explaining why the activity will lead to or improve student achievement in reading comprehension and how it aligns to the assessments in Topic 1.

Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template” you began in Topic 1, complete the template for this lesson, making any revisions necessary. Incorporate your work from this topic and feedback from the previous assignments.

Submit your completed lesson plan, with a focus on:

  • Effective use of communication tools including verbal, nonverbal, and electronic media that create opportunities for active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction
  • Differentiated instructional activities that meet the diverse learning and languages needs of students
  • Multiple forms of assessments that monitor understanding and development of students, throughout and at the end of the lesson, that are aligned to learning objectives and standards and can be modified to meet the diverse needs of students

Submit learning activities, rationale, and completed lesson plan as one deliverable.

ASSIGNMENT B The “Talk Moves: Developing Communication Skills” and “Using Sentence Frames to Jumpstart Writing” videosgive examples of effective strategies to support and expand students’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Research three additional effective communication strategies that would be useful for the grade level you identified in Topic 1.

Complete the “Effective Communication Strategies” chart.

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