Team Discussion: Brainstorming

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Team Discussion: Brainstorming as a Creative Tool to Address a Global Challenge Part I

While there are numerous ways in which individuals get their creative juices flowing, the most common tool for creativity is brainstorming. As individuals, we typically brainstorm by jotting our ideas down. While this is an important part of the creative process, as you enter your chosen field, you will most likely be expected to generate ideas as a group also. The question is, how do we facilitate brainstorming as a group? One way to start is by generating ideas, as informed by the four rules of brainstorming outlined by Alex Osborn within History and Use of Brainstorming (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. on the Creative Minds’ Brainstorming (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. web page. These ideas are then reduced in a process of defining problems and formulating succinct solutions. While there are other ways to brainstorm, you will engage this process of idea generation and consolidation for your discussion.

To prepare for this exercise,

Read Chapter 13: Leadership and Creativity: What Leaders Can Do to Facilitate Creativity in Organizations from the Plucker (2017) text.

Your group (defined here as the entire class) has been tasked with envisioning the future of the global community. Based on the surveys and opinions of experts in the field, the Millennium Project has put forth 15 Global Challenges for Humanity (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Your first order of business will be coming to a decision on which of the challenges you will address. You will then utilize brainstorming exercises to define a specific problem related to the challenge chosen by the class, along with a set of viable solutions to these problems.

By Day 3 post to the Discussion

Step One: Examine the vote tally for the 15 Global Challenges for Humanity poll by clicking on the link your instructor posted for the poll, and then clicking on See Results.

Even if the group does not choose the area you find most intriguing, keep in mind that working collaboratively requires that you bring your talents, ideas, and energy to the issue facing your team. You are now working on the challenge to which your group has given the most votes.

Step Two: Make a post to this discussion board to define the problem.

Your objective is to establish a specific area of concern related to this Global Challenge, where viable solutions can be proposed. In other words, you are working in the context of a broad challenge area, but you must now define a specific issue associated with it in order to start coming up with a creative and innovative solution.

Components of your post:

  • Use the discussion space to formulate your ideas in a post of a minimum of 150 words.
  • Conclude your post with a single sentence in the form of an answer to a HOW or a WHY question. Be sure to identify clearly and precisely the specific problem you wish to solve.
  • This single sentence represents your definition of the problem.

Challenge – How can shared values and new security strategies reduce ethnic conflicts, terrorism, and the use of weapons of mass destruction?

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