gen499 week 4 discussion 2 RESPONSE j.t.

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. In response to your classmates, offer some other solutions to the global societal issue that weren’t already addressed. Participation responses to peers must be a minimum of 75 words.

  • Identify the global societal issue you have chosen to research for your Final Argumentative Essay and explain why further research on this topic is important.

The global issue that I am addressing in my final paper is the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. I found through my research that the STEM fields are lacking diversity and that a great deal of women and minorities either never enter the education classes for these fields or never finish. A great deal of students tend to change degrees or careers once they are in a STEM field. I am considering what colleges can do to change this.

  • Provide a clear and concise thesis statement,that includes a solution to the global societal issue.

While colleges are a place of great learning and diversity there is a gap of diversity in the STEM fields that needs to be addresses to allow more women and minorities to enter those career fields.

  • Explain how this global societal issue impacts a specific population.

This issue impacts women, minority groups, and the underprivileged. There tends to be a great deal of societal stigma around women regarding the STEM fields. Most of the fields, both in college classes and in the workforce, have a predominately white male demographic. There is still a stereotype surrounding women in these fields and there seems to still be sexual harassment as well. Minority groups can deal with racism in these fields as well and the underprivileged, all races and both genders, can lack the financial ability and social support to enter these fields. By having a lack of diversity in these fields our society is limiting their views and understanding in these areas. We are missing different opportunities and viewpoints to various problems and thus limiting ourselves as a society by not promoting the ability of these groups to compete in these fields.

  • Locate a peer-reviewed scholarly source and provide statistical data that you found surprising on the topic.

In this article they cited the overall lack of STEM field participation in our country compared to the rest of the world.

According to Rogers-Chapman (2012), “In the United States, the ratio of postsecondary STEM degrees to all degrees awarded has hovered around 17% for the past 20 years (Kuenzi, 2008). The United States falls well below other countries in participation in STEM fields. For example, in 2002 the number of students majoring in STEM fields as a percentage of college students was 26.2% in European countries, and 33.3% in Asian countries, with numbers as high as 50% in China and 64% in Japan (National Science Foundation [NSF], 2006)” (p. 717).

I found this to be particularly interesting to see that we fall so far below the rest of the world in our initial rating for the STEM fields. This helps to paint a broader picture for the need to promote these fields in other demographics within our country. If we were able to retain the other groups in these fields we could possibly double our percentage easily and make us more competitive on a global scale.


Rogers-Chapman, M. F. (2012). Accessing STEM-Focused Education: Factors That Contribute to the Opportunity to Attend STEM High Schools Across the United States. Education and Urban Society, 46(6), 716-737.

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