Surviving Crisis Read Reaction Part 2 of 2

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View the weekly TED talk in the Lessons.

Read Mitroff, chapters six through appendix C. Write an approximate 1200-word reaction paper on the concepts. Include in your discussion:

-What does the author mean by the concept of ‘controlled paranoid’? Does this seem to be a valid model for an emergency manager to model himself/herself on? Why?

-How well do our present organizational structures deal with crisis situations? What modifications to traditional organizational concepts could improve this?

-Can a crisis be dealt with as an objective, dispassionate occurrence separate from other life events? Why or why not?

-Describe the four fears and the four myths. Are the concepts valid?

-Is it better to be proactive or reactive? Which are you? Which is your organization? What are you going to do about it, if anything?

(1) Provide an introduction that gives the background, purpose, and overview of the topic that you are reviewing, so the reader will understand what they’re reading and why.

(2) Provide a body with a discussion of the topics organized with headings.

(3).Provide a conclusion wrapping up the paper.

APA Format and no less the 4 peer reviewed sources in addition to Mitroff.

Mitroff, I. (2005). Why some companies emerge stronger and better from a crisis: 7 essential lessons for surviving disaster. Kindle Edition: New York.

  • View the TED talk:

Edward Tanner: Unintended Consequences

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