Staffing the HIM Booth

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Instructions are included

Create three documents to educate visitors to a HIM booth at a local high school’s career day about the HIM profession. The first document is a list of talking points about the HIM profession (1 page) to discuss with the visitors at the booth.The second is a concept map (1 page) that shows various health care departments and their interaction with the HIM profession. The third is a tri-fold brochure (1 page, double-sided) providing information, such as educational requirements and work settings for HIM professionals.


For the purpose of this assessment, assume you are currently working as a HIM director at Vila Health. A friend of yours is a guidance counselor at the local high school. The high school is planning its career day to introduce students to various health care professions. The career day is an open event held in the gym where each profession has a booth. Students, parents, and the community walk through the gym and visit booths that draw their interest.

Your friend has asked whether you would be willing to staff a HIM booth and to explain to visitors how HIM provides critical support to health care providers. The school asks that you prepare a one-page sheet of talking points that covers:

  • The HIM profession.
  • The health care professionals HIM supports.
  • General educational requirements for HIM and other health care professionals.
  • The departments within various health care settings, including hospitals.

You will discuss these talking points with students, parents, and community members who visit the HIM booth.

The school also asks each booth to provide two handouts that visitors can take with them for reference. The first handout needs to be a concept map that identifies various departments in the health care setting and explains HIM’s interactions with these departments. The second handout, a brochure, needs to summarize important information about the HIM profession.

Prepared Talking Points (one page)

Develop a list of talking points to introduce visitors to the booth to the HIM profession. Remember your goal is two-fold. First, you hope to interest high school students in pursuing HIM as a profession. Second, you hope to educate parents and community members about the HIM profession. Be sure to address the following in your talking points:

  • Explain how your concept map fits within the U.S. health care system.
  • Describe various types of health professionals and their practice settings within the U.S. health care system.
  • Provide general educational requirements for health care professionals.
  • Explain the HIM profession’s contribution to the health care system.
  • Differentiate among various HIM roles.
Handout 1–Concept Map (one page)

Using one of the tools listed in your suggested resources or a mapping tool you are already familiar with, develop a one-page concept map that visually shows various health care departments and their interaction with the HIM profession. You may also use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Publisher, or PowerPoint to create your concept map. Note: The use of short descriptive phrases can sometimes help ensure your intent is clear to your viewer.

Handout 2–3-Panel Brochure About the HIM Profession (one double-sided page)

You may create your brochure in Microsoft Word or any other software with which you are comfortable. Remember that your brochure hopes to educate the public about HIM and its contribution to the U.S. health care system and to attract students to the field. Your brochure needs to at least address the following:

  • What is the HIM profession?
  • How does HIM contribute to the U.S. health care system?
  • What are potential roles in the HIM profession?
  • What educational requirements must those entering the HIM profession meet?
  • What are the work settings in which HIM professionals work?
  • Who are the other health care professionals with whom HIM professionals interact?

Resources: What Is Health Care?

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