write a discussion and response to the discussion i give to you

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Leadership and Change DB1 Questions


Post an answer to one of this week’s discussion board questions. Choose a question that has not been answered, until every question has been answered. If every question has been answered, then you may choose a question that has already been answered once before. If two other students have already posted answers to a question, then you must choose a different question. This limitation does not apply to your response to another student’s post. You may respond to any student’s post that is interesting to you no matter how many people have already responded. You are required to read all student posts and responses, but only respond to one answer.

Answers and responses should be substantial for full credit. Both writing quality and the content of your answers are important. Answers should have at least three paragraphs (15 sentences) and responses must be at least two complete paragraphs (10 sentences). Your response must add new information to the discussion. Use complete sentences, avoid unexplained lists, and avoid slang. Use a professional writing style at all times.

Remember to include at the top of your posting, the chapter, question number, and the text of the question you chose. Then include the page number(s) in the textbook where you found information about your question. Just to make this a little easier, you do not need to include APA style citations or references in your discuss board. You may use personal experiences, internet sites, journal articles, or books to help with your answer. You may not copy and paste answers or responses from sources. Answers and responses must be written by you. Please put your name at the bottom of each answer and response to help me keep the scores straight.

The assignment: Post one answer to a question of your choice below (the question may have multiple parts, so answer all parts), and write one response to another student’s answer. Choose a question that has not already been answered by another student. Write your response to another student rather than answering a second question. You must label your answer as “ANSWER” and your response as a “RESPONSE.” If you wish to make an additional comment (more than one response), please label these posts as a “COMMENT.”

discussion theme : Explain how techniques, such as role playing, in-basket exercises, and leaderless group discussions, enhance leadership training.

response to this peer’s discussion:

Ch.1 Question 4
Compare and Contrast leadership and followership
Pgs. 1-5

Intro: Leadership and followership are both important, there has to be good leaders and good followers. Though no one wants to be described as a follower, it is something we all must have to learn to do before we can be a leader. Leadership is influencing others while followership is seeking or accepting influence from others. In order for leadership to work there must be good followers. Good followers are the foundation to good leadership, though followers are not always recognised they play a big part in major situations and it all reflects on the leader. Leadership is about having influence on others taking on the major role and being direct and understanding to others. Followership is about seeking the Influence and accepting the role that has been given to make a common purpose a successful one.

Leadership traits: Traits for good leaders are honesty, appreciation, inspiring others ect. Being honest is an important trait for a leader because the leader is the main source of encouragement and it helps when it comes to building trust with followers. Showing appreciation to your followers is an important factor when it comes to leadership it builds confidence to the person who receives the appreciation. Inspiring others is important to being a leader, when the leader inspires others they look up to them and they tend to believe what you tell them.

Follower traits: Traits for good followers are diligence, ambition, and collaboration. While having diligence the follower must have a great work ethic in order to make the leader plans work. Followers must have ambition to get the work done and have the task complete, and last followers must be able to work with others to complete major tasks.

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