Critical Thinking – Philosophy

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Please write a 3 page double spaced paper on:

Identify a current event or contemporary social
issue that you are interested in analyzing using the critical thinking
method. Your issue must be broad enough to sustain deep philosophical
analysis and must have relevance to your community. This means that the
issue should be one (1) about which reasonable minds can disagree, (2)
that concretely affects people’s lives and (3)that requires a
solution. Issues that only affect a few people or have only a minor
impact are probably too narrow. Issues that you are not open to
examining with an open mind will also not work well for this
assignment. For some topic suggestions, you might want to browse some
recent episodes of PBS’s Frontline series or the website of a reputable news organization. Maybe gay marriage could be a topic? euthanasia?
Identify at least two news articles on your topic from a reputable news
outlets. Make sure that the articles you choose present at least two
different perspectives on the issue or event you choose and include
information that you can use to develop your arguments and analysis. If
you cannot locate two news articles on your topic, or if all of the
articles share the same perspective, you should choose another topic.
You should cite the two articles using correct APA citation.
Analyze the issue using the critical-thinking
method. Identify and explain any logical fallacies that might be
involved in any of the relevant arguments.

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