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  Please write a double spaced two-page dialogue between Socrates and a person of your choosing that accomplishes the following:

  • Identify a belief. For example, you might choose a
    religious belief, a moral value, or a political position. It can be a
    belief you yourself hold or one you have seen professed by other
  • Provide reasons for that belief. You may need to do
    additional research in order to identify persuasive reasons. Personal
    experience and beliefs are relevant when developing an argument, but a
    good argument also requires reasons with persuasive authority. A fact,
    statistic, or expert opinion will likely have persuasive authority; a
    personal opinion, religious belief, or disputed social norm will have
    less persuasive force.
  • Explain the Socratic Method. Cite support from the
    Platonic dialogue selections as well as
    authoritative secondary sources
  • Analyze the reasons using the Socratic Method, as Socrates does with Thrasymachus’ views on justice in the Republic.
    Refer to the list of fallacies in the textbook to see if the reasons
    include any logical inconsistencies that might be used to challenge the

Scholarly articles/book cited and referenced please.

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