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Hello, I need a book report including a title page. The book that I’m going to use is “i know why the caged bird sings- maya angelou” and This is the link of the book as a pdf : . There are eight parts are required for the book report: 1- What qualifies the author to prepare this book? 2- What are main aims and purpose of the book? 3- What is the scope of the book regarding the subject and period? 4- What is the literary style of the author? 5- Summarize the critical parts of the book. 6- what are the most compelling points made in the book? 7- How does the book relate to the course you are taking now.NOTE: (The course is History of African American) 8- Would you recommend this book to others taking this course? Why or why not?. PLEASE WRITE THE QUESTIONS AND PUT THE ANSWER UNDER EACH QUESTION.

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