time management, unit 1 assessment #3 help

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  • This
    question involves using your critical-thinking skills to describe the
    impact of time management in the workplace. Managing our time
    effectively in the workplace is very important. We all have a job to do,
    and we must be very timely while completing our tasks. Most of the
    time, we work with others or for clients, and they depend on us to
    complete the work. And, that is why using time-management techniques is
    beneficial to us. For this question, write a brief essay that describes
    what is likely to result from two instances within a workplace: (a)
    using time-management techniques and (b) not using time-management
    techniques. Within the brief essay, include workplace examples to
    support your message.

    Your response must be at least 250 words in length. everything has to be in your own words or i will fail needs to be in APA format and needs a direct quote.

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