Nucor Case Analysis

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John Ferriola, aware of your emerging expertise in strategic analysis, has employed you as an intern to
assist him in evaluating Nucor’s situation and future prospects. Mr. Ferriola has asked you to provide him with
a 4-6 page report detailing (1) the strength of competitive forces in the steel industry as of 2015,

industry key success factors, (3) the pros and cons of Nucor’s competitive strategy,

(4) a SWOT
analysis—preferably in the form of an accompanying exhibit,

(5) how attractive Nucor’s value chain is
compared to the value chains of the integrated steel mills, (6) the strategic issues that Nucor management needs
to address,

and (7) your recommendations as to what actions he should take to enhance Nucor’s
position and future performance particularly as concerns competing effectively against low-cost foreign steel
imports into the U.S.
Team in order to help you get off on the right track in understanding the demands of case analysis I am
providing you with this memo for the Nucor in 2016.

First, I require that you answer the case questions. These
questions should assist you in the proper use of tools of strategic analysis. DO NOT USE THEM AS A

You are provided a series of questions that once adequately addressed will allow you to provide an
in-depth case analysis. Note that this an individual assignment. Therefore, my expectation is that you will
provide a solid submission based on your own analysis.

Please Use the format below

1. Major problems and issues

2. Analysis

3. Recommendations

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