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Literary Terms & Techniques of Fiction assignment (15 pts, to be graded with a 5 pt. assignment TBA for credit in the D2L GRADES) TYPED, SINGLE-SPACED. Read Gutkind essay (posted in D2L).

From Lee Gutkind’s definitions and from our class lectures, create a list of a minimum of 35 terms that usually apply to fiction writing, yet are well used for creative non-fiction. List each term, give a brief definition; provide an example of use from the assigned essays posted in D2L for each of the terms to show the terms in use. Your example can be a quote or paraphrase, but indicate the author and page of the source for example. Provide the page number in MLA format. (Please find your own example from the readings.) You may find other lit terms from other sources to include in your list. The 35 or more lit terms are due in class. A partial list of terms is pasted here; you will need to add an additional terms from the readings and from lecture. Please type, double-space or single-space (your choice), use MLA style to indicate author/page, at minimum. You might find this website helpful: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072405228/s… When you use terms that are not in Gutkind’s essay, please aim for lit terms that are new to you!

  1. From Gutkind: please define the following–aim for 35 terms. HERE’S A START!
    1. a. techniques of fiction
    2. liberties
    3. truth
    4. parameters
    5. truth
    6. objectivity
    7. compression
    8. flesh out
    9. fabrication, falsification
    10. personal reflection
    11. journalism, journalistic
    12. substance, style, research
    13. new journalism
    14. fact & narrative
    15. genre, reporting, memorir
    16. to 19. Gutkind’s 4-point checklist, his “bottom line” and goal of creative nonfiction


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