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Goal: Revisiting consumer psychology, especially Consumer Exposure, Attention, and Perception (EAP in Ch. 3) in the context of E-marketing.

When it comes to exposure, no one knows better than Victoria’s Secret! Its retail stores have become a fixture in most shopping malls, and its catalogs reach millions of consumers several times per year. The brand name is among the most recognizable in the U.S., thanks to coordinated marketing efforts to maximize its exposure among its target market. Victoria’s Secret has combined traditional marketing techniques and Internet technology with its successful e-tailing strategy.

Visit the Victoria’s Secret website at www.victoriassecret.com链接到外部网站。 and address the following 3 questions in your paper:

  1. How does the company use its homepage to provide potential consumers with opportunities for additional exposure to the company and its products?
  2. What techniques does the company use to attract and hold consumers’ attention at the web site? And
  3. Which perceptual factors engage the consumer to process the information at Victoria’s Secret web site?

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