Capsim Performance

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For this assignment, assess your own company’s (individual) performance relative to your competitors. This assignment builds on last week’s where you interpreted Capsim financial reports to find metrics that demonstrate performance.

How did you do this last round? Examine the Courier for this entire assignment. Look at selected financial statistics for your company vs. competitors, particularly total profits.

Did you get an emergency loan? Look at the Cash Flow statement to see exactly why. What were your market share / total sales goals, and actual performance, by product? Look at the Courier Segment Analysis reports, for each product segment, to see exactly why your competitors sold more (if they did). How were your contributions margins per product? Examine the Courier Production Report. Did you reach the goal of at least 30% contribution margin for each product? Were they as good as the competitors? If not, look at your price, material and labor cost, relative to competitors (be sure to compare ‘apples to apples’, meaning your low end to their low ends, your high end to their high ends, etc.). In case you had good sales and contribution margins relative to competitors, but they still had greater total profits, you might look at capacity utilization (also in the Production Report). What was your capacity vs. competitor capacities? FOR EACH OF THE ABOVE QUESTIONS, EXPLAIN EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED; AND HOW IT CAN BE IMPROVED.

Your report should be about a half page to one page (it really depends upon how poorly you may have done). (You can also use this assignment to help you key in decisions for this round.) But be very specific on the financial outcomes, and the assessment of the specific mistakes.

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