Need to obtain Doctoral Level skills in writing and making revisions on paper

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This is the feedback the professor just sent back on this assignment.

please see my attached markup, edits, and embedded comments in your paper. I agree, my feedback does not seem to be helping you very much. You still have extra spacing between paragraphs that you must remove. Everything should be double spaced (and only double). Call me if you would like me to show you how to do this.

I want you to do the following:

Review this Walden webpage […] and use its resources to improve your academic writing.

Engage the writing center for help with your writing. You can do their editors review your paper and provide recommendations for improvement. I am hoping their feedback will be more helpful than mine has been. (-:


You may want to consider hiring an outside editor. Just be aware that some editors are much better than others. For tips and more information on hiring an editor, please review this web page […].

See attached. Please let me know your questions.

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