Early Draft consists of Q and A paragraphs

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Early Draft consists of:

  • Completed Project 2 Early Draft Questions exercise. Answer all questions about both images in answering all questions fully and to the best of your ability.
  • Two images selected for analysis at the end of the document.

Early Draft

The early draft should be used as a brainstorming space where you can begin thinking about the visual arguments used by stakeholders and how they achieve their desired goals through the use of visual and rhetorical strategies. You may use this draft to outline, freewrite, map, etc. as long as the exercise leads to more formulated claims in the subsequent draft.

  • Stakeholder: an organization or individual with a vested interest or concern; often financial, but can be influenced by various factors
  • Visual Rhetoric: argumentative strategies conveyed through images or design; includes aesthetics, color, media, typography, and space
  • Rhetorical Appeals: strategies used in the art of persuasion
    • Ethos: appeal to credibility or morality
    • Pathos: appeal to the emotions
    • Logos: appeal to logic and reason
    • Kairos: appeal to timeliness
  • Rhetorical Fallacies: logical errors or inconsistencies in an argument

Stakeholder : my stakeholder is google

you will some useful information about google in the sample but focus on the pictures

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